Title Quote Maintenance

Valued Customer:

It has come to our attention that our 3rd party provider for the Rate Calculator on the Thomson-Affinity website has encountered an issue and our rates are being misquoted on the high side.   We have the provider working to resolve the issue and have temporarily disabled the calculator on the website.  During the time the calculator is down please contact any of the following closer/processor’s or Order Entry for Title Quotes and we’ll be happy to email you the quote.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Please contact your closer/processor for title quotes:

Liberty Office:

Brenda Williams at bwilliams@thomsonaffinity.com or 816-476-7124

Candi Pointer at cpointer@thomsonaffinity.com or 816-476-7114

Erika Hopkins at ehopkins@thomsonaffinity.com or 816-476-7118

Greg Thomson at gthomson@thomsonaffinity.com   or 816-476-7103

Jane Watson at jwatson@thomsonaffinity.com or 816-476-7112

Jonna Villers at jvillers@thomsonaffinity.com or 816-476-7111

Lisa Spurgeon at lspurgeon@thomsonaffinity.com or 816-476-7106

Teresa Allen at tallen@thomsonaffinity.com or 816-476-7115

Overland Park Office:

Eric Anderson at eanderson@thomsonaffinity.com or 913-451-2500

Sheri Anderson at sanderson@thomsonaffinity.com or 913-451-2500

Order Entry:     orders@thomsonaffinity.com or 816-792-0077

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