Neighborhood Safety Tips for Parents

Keep Your Children Safe in Their New Environment

Get to know the new neighborhood

It is important that your family feel comfortable in your new neighborhood. You can start by encouraging your child to memorize their new address. You then can go explore your new surroundings. Check out the local parks, schools, stores, streets, etc. By doing this, you can also set limits on where your children are allowed to go within their neighborhood. You should also start introducing yourself and your family to your new neighbors.

Get to know your children’s friends

Since your kids will most likely be making new friends, make sure you meet the parents before letting your children visit their home. If you can’t meet their parents, call and talk to them. You can ask what they might be doing at their house and whether they will be supervised or not. It is also a good idea to make a list of all the parent’s phone numbers.

Establish an Emergency Plan

In addition to teaching the emergency numbers, make a list to put in a designated spot in your home. You can include fire, police, hospitals, etc. You should also include all your personal phone numbers, as well as some family members’ numbers. It is also a good idea to establish a safe house within your neighborhood. This is somewhere your children can go if they need help.

Reinforce “Home Alone” Rules

Your kids should never open the door for someone you don’t know, whether or not you are home. In addition, they should make sure that all doors and windows remain locked.

If a stranger should telephone and ask for personal information, warn your children against revealing any personal information. Instruct them to tell the caller you are not available and take a message.